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A New Marathon Record

Kenyan long-distance runner Kelvin Kiptum set a new, formally recognized marathon world record Sunday, finishing the Chicago Marathon in just over two hours. His 2:00:35 mark eclipses former record-holder Eliud Kipchoge's time of 2:01:09 (set last year in Berlin) and makes Kiptum the first athlete to finish under two hours and one minute in a record-eligible competition. On the women's side, Dutch runner Sifan Hassan set the second-fastest women's time on record, finishing in 2:13:44.

Record times have consistently trended downward (see chart), with records in recent years in part driven by advancements in running shoe technology. Nike unveiled its Vaporfly series in 2017, which the company claims increases running efficiency by up to 4%. Kiptum reportedly wore a pair of Nike prototypes not available to the general public.

More recently, Adidas—whose runners dominated this year's Boston Marathon—released a $600 model meant to be worn a single time. See why some have characterized new shoe models as "technological doping" here.

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