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Affirmative Action Case

The US Supreme Court began hearing arguments in two cases challenging the role of race in the college admissions process, a decision that may upend affirmative action policies in higher education.

The Students for Fair Admissions claims Harvard and the University of North Carolina hold Asian American (Harvard, UNC) and white applicants (UNC) to higher standards. The group contends the practice violates the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Harvard, UNC) and the 14th Amendment (UNC), guaranteeing racial neutrality.

The universities argue race is one of many factors in determining admission, and affirmative action has leveled the playing field for Black and Hispanic students. Asian Americans comprise roughly 28% of the 2026 class at Harvard, and Black students comprise nearly 16%. Without affirmative action, school officials estimate the number of Black students could decrease by more than half, while Asian American enrollment could increase by nearly 30%.

A decision from the 6-3 conservative majority court is expected by summer.

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