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Aid Drops into Gaza

The US military successfully made its first airdrop of humanitarian supplies into the Gaza Strip over the weekend, with officials saying the cargo included food supplies sufficient for close to 40,000 meals. The delivery, expected to be the first of many, came two days after a deadly scene unfolded as Palestinian crowds rushed to receive supplies from a convoy of trucks. United Nations officials have said one-quarter of Gaza's 2.3 million people are on the brink of famine (see definition). 

Separately, talks to strike a six-week cease-fire deal appear to be inching forward. An agreement mediated by Egypt and others is said to be close to finished, though Israeli delegates boycotted a weekend meeting after Hamas reportedly failed to provide a list of hostages taken during the initial Oct. 7 attack who remain alive. See updates on the war here.

To the south, a cargo ship attacked by Houthi rebels operating out of Yemen fully sank over the weekend, becoming the first shipping vessel lost in the current fighting in the Red Sea. 

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