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Alaska Airlines Fallout

Plane manufacturer Boeing saw its stock drop 8% yesterday amid fallout from Friday's near-tragic incident outside Portland, Oregon, where a piece of one of its planes flew off midascent, and the cabin depressurized. The incident prompted US officials to temporarily ground and inspect 171 737 Max 9 aircraft—primarily used by United and Alaska Airlines. United reported an inspection yesterday revealed loose bolts in several aircraft.

Investigators have not determined why the unused emergency exit door came off seven minutes into the flight. Regulators said the incident could have been far worse since no one was seated next to the loose exit door, and passengers still wore seatbelts as the plane ascended. The depressurization reportedly sucked out headrests, clothes, and phones—one of which was discovered intact in a field. A teacher outside Portland found the door in his backyard Sunday. 

Boeing is the world's largest plane manufacturer by revenue but has suffered major losses amid a string of quality control issues since 2018, including two fatal crashes of the 737 Max, which killed 346 people over six months.

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