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Altman Cements Control

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman formally rejoined the company's board of directors four months after he was temporarily booted from the company during a chaotic five-day period that stunned Silicon Valley. A third-party probe concluded Friday found no wrongdoing on Altman's part that would have justified his removal. 

Altman helped launch OpenAI—now considered one of the most powerful forces in AI—in 2015 as a nonprofit (see history). A for-profit arm was established in 2019, with the company becoming a household name with the 2022 release of ChatGPT. Technically still under the direction of its nonprofit board, OpenAI is now valued at around $80B. 

Altman was pushed from his board seat and CEO position in November, with the board generally alluding to behaviors clashing with its nonprofit mission (while offering few specifics). Observers say Altman emerged from the drama with significantly more control over the company.

Separately, OpenAI responded to a lawsuit by now-departed cofounder Elon Musk over its departure from open-source research. See an overview here.

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