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Amanda Knox's Slander Retrial

A retrial began in Italy yesterday over Amanda Knox, an American woman who was exonerated for a 2007 Italian homicide that gained national attention. The trial is the last open legal inquiry against Knox, who is seeking to reverse a 2009 slander conviction accusing her of falsely implicating a pub owner in the murder of her roommate.

In 2007, Knox—then a 20-year-old American student in Italy—was arrested in Perugia following the murder of her roommate Meredith Kercher. During 53 hours of questioning, Knox signed a confession implicating herself, her boyfriend, and pub owner Patrick Lumumba in the murder. Knox—the subject of extensive media coverage—was convicted in multiple high-profile trials before being exonerated by Italy’s highest court. DNA samples have tied another man, Rudy Guede, to the crime. 

Knox, who is being tried in absentia, is seeking to reverse the 2009 conviction on the basis that a 2019 European ruling found Italian police violated her rights during questioning, including by not providing her access to a translator or lawyer.

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