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Americans Kidnapped

Four US citizens were kidnapped Friday after crossing the border into Mexico by unidentified armed men, according to reports yesterday. The victims were taken at gunpoint from their minivan in the border city of Matamoros in the state of Tamaulipas, across from Brownsville, Texas. The four Americans were then placed in another vehicle and driven from the scene.

The kidnapping came on the same day as a violent shooting across the city left four dead. Matamoros is home to one of the most important operational bases for the Gulf drug cartel (see 101). US officials were ordered to avoid the area; however, it is uncertain if the abduction is related to the violence.

The victims were believed to have been traveling to Mexico for medical purposes, according to receipts found in their vehicle. Tamaulipas is one of six Mexican states the US advises citizens against traveling to, citing the risk of crime and kidnapping.

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