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'Apple Intelligence' Debuts

Apple kicked off its annual Worldwide Developers Conference yesterday, announcing its generative artificial intelligence strategy, dubbed "Apple Intelligence." The latest AI features will be integrated into the newer versions of the iPhone, iPad, and other Apple products, enhancing features such as Siri, photos, music, and messaging—including the ability to create custom AI-generated emojis.

The company will partner with OpenAI to power a ChatGPT-like chatbot, focusing on summarization capabilities. The AI features will utilize both on-device processing and cloud-based computing, which will allow users to control data access. Apple said the new AI capabilities will be optional and emphasized user privacy. Apple also announced updated operating software, enabling satellite messaging when cellular connectivity is unavailable, and a password manager app. See the biggest announcements here.

Apple is the third-largest publicly traded US company behind Nvidia and Microsoft and has taken a more cautious approach to integrating AI into its products compared to its competitors. 

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