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Apple Watch Ban

A ban on the sale of two of Apple's flagship smartwatches will continue for the foreseeable future after a ruling by US trade regulators over a patent dispute went into effect yesterday. The Biden administration declined to veto the decision, which affects US sales of the Series 9 and Ultra 2 watches, early yesterday morning.   

California-based health startup Masimo initially alleged Apple stole the intellectual property behind its light-based pulse oximetry technology (see overview)—a way to measure oxygen levels in the blood by analyzing light reflecting off the wrist. The company also claimed Apple had approached Masimo about integrating its technology into Apple Watches but instead hired away top employees to develop a similar product in-house.  

Reports suggest Apple, which filed an appeal yesterday, is evaluating updates to how the devices collect and analyze data that may act as a workaround to the ruling. 

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