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Ask your NC Representatives to support the Native Plants Act

While at first glance they seem attractive, the ugly truth is nonnative invasive plant species can wreak havoc on the balance of nature.

We’ve all witnessed the carnage of kudzu, the leafy vine that climbs, coils, and trails over roadside forest while smothering any habitat in its path. But it’s not the only invasive culprit guilty of compromising the health and sustainability of our native flora and fauna and rapidly decreasing our pollinator species. Not only do these species pose an increasing and significant threat to wildlife and habitat, but combatting them is a costly and burdensome responsibility for the Department of Transportation, utility companies, farmers, and foresters.

Land managers must earmark vast resources and personnel time to eradicate or minimize invasive plants on roadsides, rights-of-way, agricultural fields, and forest lands as birds and other wildlife spread the seeds of invasive species far and wide.

The USDA Forest Service reports invasive species have contributed to the decline of 42 percent of the country’s endangered and threatened species. The North Carolina Invasive Plant Council has identified over 100 invasive plant species currently threatening native plants and is monitoring dozens more as potential invaders.

Invasive species compete directly with native species for moisture, sunlight, nutrients and space and increase soil erosion. Additionally, they can decrease and degrade wildlife habitat, plant diversity, agricultural lands, water quality and recreational opportunities. These impacts change nature’s balance on which all species depend.

Help may be on the way:

The NC Native Plants Act will address this issue, requiring the use of native North Carolina plants and seeds on state property and highways and on local projects that use state funds for landscaping.

But the bill needs your help in order to pass into law! Vocalize your support for the Native Plants Act and help ensure that this crucial bill passes seamlessly for the good of North Carolina wildlife and habitat.

Ask your representatives to support the passage of the Native Plants Act!

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