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Asylum Policy Proposal

The Biden administration yesterday unveiled a proposed change in the asylum process that could allow immigration officials to deport some migrants within days. Under the policy, key eligibility determinations would shift from the interview stage, which currently can take years, to the initial screening stage.

Currently, a judge can reject someone’s asylum claim if they pose a public safety or national security threat. This proposal would expedite the process by allowing immigration officers to reject claimants during their initial screening if they have a criminal background. The initiative will not go into effect immediately, as it will need to go through a public comment period and review before being implemented and does not include broader reforms to migration policy sought by the administration and many Republican lawmakers.

Border crossings surged to a monthly record in December before subsiding. More than 8 million migrants awaiting asylum are projected to be living in the US by the end of September, up roughly 167% since 2019.

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