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  • Kelsey Bibek

Atlanta Vibe Recognized in Georgia Senate as Atlanta’s Official Women’s Professional Volleyball Team

'The Atlanta Vibe, the city’s newest professional sports team, was honored with Senate Resolution 449 in the Georgia Senate Chamber on Monday morning, recognizing the organization as the official women’s professional volleyball team of Atlanta. Sen. Jason Esteves (D-Atlanta) presented the resolution to the Senate alongside Vibe team owner Colleen Craig. The team was later recognized by Representative Dr. Jasmine Clark in the Georgia House of Representatives.


“We look forward to the team’s contributions to our great State,” said Sen. Esteves. “From bringing home championships to inspiring a new generation of volleyball fans, the Atlanta Vibe will be an important part of our community.”

Atlanta was announced as one of the first markets for a Pro Volleyball Federation franchise in February 2023 and officially unveiled as the Atlanta Vibe on August 4, 2023. Team owner Colleen Craig became the first female owner of a team when she brought a Pro Volleyball Federation team to Atlanta, and the Vibe remain the only franchise in the league with a female majority owner.


The Vibe are Atlanta’s newest pro sports team and only the city’s second fully professional women’s team, alongside the WNBA’s Atlanta Dream. The Vibe were named by the city of Atlanta and boast one of the most experienced and globally talented rosters of athletes in the league, including All-American Tori Dilfer Stringer, US National Team member Morgan Hentz, and the first ever player signed into the Pro Volleyball Federation, Leah Edmond.


“The way the city of Atlanta has embraced the Vibe since day one has been nothing short of inspiring for women’s sports and for the game of volleyball,” said Craig. “As the largest team sport for girls and women in the United States, volleyball hasn’t yet had the platform it deserves. We’re changing that story with our community by becoming our own storytellers and allowing people to see these athletes excel on a world-class stage. This recognition tells us that our city sees us for what we are – the Vibe isn’t just another sports team, the Vibe sits directly at the intersection of fashion, sports and culture, and the Vibe IS Atlanta.”


The recognition comes the week of the official start of the 2024 Inaugural Pro Volleyball Federation season, where the Atlanta Vibe will compete in the very first match in league history, facing the Omaha Supernovas on Wednesday, January 24. The Vibe’s first home match will take place on Thursday, February 1, when the team hosts the San Diego Mojo at 7:00 p.m. at Gas South Arena in Gwinnett County, Ga.

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