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Bad News – Good News from Clay County Fire & Rescue

Press Release

Many of you may know about the North Carolina Insurance Companies’ request for a rate increase to the State Insurance Commissioners on homeowner insurance. We call that bad news.

On the good news side, Clay County Fire & Rescue along with the 911 Center and Water Management completed an Insurance Services Office (ISO) inspection conducted by the Office of the State Fire Marshal last fall. This inspection was requested in an effort to improve the ISO rating in the county.

An ISO rating, also known as a Public Protection Classification (PPC) is a score from 1 (best possible rating) to a 10 (a worse rating) which indicates how well-protected the community is by their local fire department. The lower rating means that your local department is better prepared to respond to fires within its district.

Each property in Clay County has its own ISO rating which is determined by the State using factors such as distance to the Fire Station, hydrants, water access points, the ability for the Fire Department to shuttle water to your location, and training as well as many other considerations.

The new and improved rating has reclassified any property located within 5 miles of a Clay County Fire Station (its fire district) from a 9 rating down to a 6!

If the property is over 5 miles but 6 miles or less from a Clay County Fire Station, the rating will remain a 9.

Any property greater than 6 miles from a Clay County Fire Station will maintain a 10-rating indicating the property is outside of the fire district’s 6-mile service area and may take longer to arrive on scene.

The new rating will affect many properties in the county and may impact your insurance premiums. The organizations mentioned above have already started working on opportunities to even lower or improve further the ratings in the coming years.

We extend our thanks to these organizations for working hard to better the services in Clay County.

For those residents whose property may be affected by this new rating, you may want to show a copy of this news article to your agent and ask them to check into how this rating change may have impacted your homeowner’s insurance premium. Might be more good news!

Clay County Fire & Rescue

Week of February 21 – 27, 2024 Total calls = 36

Medical Assist Call – 24

Citizen Assist Calls – 5

Brush Fire – 4

Structure Fire – 1

Motor Vehicle Accident – 1

Bomb Threat - 1

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