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Blind Side Saga Continues

Sean and Leigh Anne Tuohy, whose connection to former NFL player Michael Oher inspired the 2009 movie “The Blind Side,” announced yesterday they plan to enter a consent order to end a conservatorship Oher is contesting in court.

Oher, 37, filed a petition Monday to end the conservatorship, accusing the Tennessee couple of misleading him when he signed conservatorship papers by telling him they were legally adopting him (see the difference here). Oher signed the papers three months after his 18th birthday in August 2004. He alleges he did not find out about the true nature of the conservatorship until earlier this year; his 2011 memoir references the conservatorship three times. The Tuohys claim the conservatorship was not for personal profit but rather for Oher to obtain health insurance, a driver’s license, and college admission at their alma mater, Ole Miss.

Oher is seeking full financial accounting of income the couple may have earned through the conservatorship and to be paid his share of profits from the film. The couple maintains Oher received his share through a trust fund.

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