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Boeing Executive Shake-Up

Boeing CEO David Calhoun announced yesterday he would depart his position at the end of the year, a decision that followed a series of safety issues at the plane manufacturer. The head of the company's commercial airplane unit, Stan Deal, will resign immediately, while the board chairman, Lawrence Kellner, won't run for reelection in May. 

The company has faced intense scrutiny from both the public and federal officials following the blowout of an improperly installed door plug with missing bolts on a January flight. No deaths resulted (see previous write-up), though Boeing failed almost three dozen checks during a subsequent federal safety audit and now faces a criminal inquiry from the Justice Department. 

Calhoun himself was brought in as CEO four years ago amid a major crisis, after a pair of fatal crashes involving a separate issue with Boeing's 737 Max 8 models led to the deaths of 346 passengers and crew. 

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