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Border Negotiations

Senate negotiators reportedly made progress over the weekend on a suite of border security measures, working under a self-imposed Sunday deadline to reach an agreement. Lawmakers have tied the package to a larger $110B deal that includes support for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan. 

The list of proposed policy changes has not been released; however, the White House signaled it would consider a new authority for expulsions at the border. The power would be similar to Title 42, which ended in May and allowed deportation of certain migrants (mostly single adults) without going through the formal asylum process during the COVID-19 pandemic (see previous write-up). 

More than 2 million border encounters were registered in FY2023, down slightly from the previous year but more than double FY2019 (the last full year before the pandemic). Under Title 42, more than 1 million migrants were expelled in FY2022—though more than 25% of encounters came from expelled migrants trying to cross the border again. See data here.

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