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Buffalo Digs Out

The death toll in Buffalo, New York, and surrounding areas following a severe holiday blizzard rose to at least 37 yesterday, as warming temperatures allowed search and rescue crews to accelerate efforts. The storm was the region's deadliest on modern record, surpassing a historic 1977 blizzard, which left 29 people dead.

The storm swept into the city Friday, with lake-effect snow (see 101) dropping more than 4 feet of powder and creating near-whiteout conditions for almost two days. Victims were found outside, stuck inside cars, at home without heat, and elsewhere. As of yesterday, the National Guard was conducting door-to-door visits, while a driving ban was set to be lifted early this morning. See photos from the storm here.

Overall, at least 65 deaths have been linked to the winter storm from across the US.

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