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Bye Bye Birdie

Twitter is looking to replace its long-standing bird logo with a brand mark representing its recently established parent company X Corp., according to suggestions tweeted by owner Elon Musk over the weekend.

X Corp. was established this spring and legally absorbed Twitter as early as April, according to court filings. A subsidiary of parent company X Holdings, Musk has previously described Twitter as part of a larger vision to create an "everything app"—a platform combining social networks, financial transactions, e-commerce, and more. Such apps have gained a dominant foothold in China with WeChat and Southeast Asia with Grab. The name is a reference to Musk's original payments company, X, which merged with a competitor to become PayPal in 2000.

When the logo would be changed, and to what new design, was unclear. Musk appeared to challenge Twitter users to submit proposals via the platform, with a change coming as early as today.

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