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California flooding continues

At least 17 people have been killed, and one child remains missing, as record rainfall continues to drench California, prompting flash floods and widespread damage with more storms expected through Friday. Rainfall amounts of up to 7 inches are expected in northern California and the Pacific Northwest, exasperating areas that have already forced tens of thousands of residents to leave their homes. The conditions were aided by a weather phenomenon known as an atmospheric river—a plume of deep tropical moisture that stretches across the Pacific. The rain offers some reprieve to a drought-stricken area, appearing to have lifted 7% of California out of exceptional drought conditions. However, drought conditions can increase the threat of flooding and mudslides (see 101). The storms come five years after mudslides killed 23 people in the Montecito community. San Francisco has seen nearly 13 inches of rain, marking the third-wettest 15-day stretch since 1849. See photos of the storms here.

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