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California Storms

Roughly 37 million Californians were under flood watches or warnings across the state yesterday as an intense storm system began pushing inland while moving southward from the greater San Francisco region. As of this writing, wind gusts reaching up to 85 mph had knocked out power to at least 860,000 customers up and down the coast, while more than one hundred flights out of San Francisco were canceled. 

Forecasts suggest Southern California may see a month's worth of rain over the course of three days, with officials issuing targeted evacuation orders in areas near recent wildfires (which makes hills more susceptible to landslides and debris flow). The storm is expected to drop between 4 and 8 feet of snow in the upper Sierra Nevada (see forecasts). 

California faced a historic string of nine consecutive atmospheric river systems over the course of three weeks at the beginning of 2023, which helped restore depleted water supplies but left more than 20 people dead. Learn more about the weather phenomenon here

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