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Campus Arrests Continue

Arrests of campus protesters demonstrating against the ongoing war in Gaza continued over the weekend, including more than 100 people at Boston's Northeastern University early Saturday. Dozens more were arrested at Washington University in St. Louis, Arizona State University, and Indiana University, adding to more than 600 people detained at colleges across the US in recent weeks (see map). 

Organizers have called on universities to condemn Israel's operations in Gaza and divest from financial ties to the country (others have also called for an end to academic and research relationships). Northeastern officials echoed other universities in saying a number of nonstudents had joined the protests and cited instances of extreme anti-Semitic messages. See photos of the protests from around the country.

Some observers have drawn parallels with the larger anti-war protests in 1968, which culminated in clashes at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago (this year's convention is also in Chicago).

Separately, pro-Palestinian protesters picketed outside of the White House correspondents' dinner this weekend (see photos). 

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