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Cave Rescue in Turkey

A rescue operation is underway in Turkey for American Mark Dickey, who remains trapped more than 3,400 feet inside the Morca cave in the Taurus Mountains. Dickey, a 40-year-old speleologist—or cave researcher—was coleading a mission to find and map a new passage in the cave when he suffered from gastrointestinal bleeding Saturday, rendering him unable to leave the cave.

The 4,186-foot-deep cave—Turkey's third deepest and the 38th deepest in the world—poses extreme challenges with its wet, cold environment (39-42 degrees Fahrenheit) and narrow passages. Over 170 cave rescue experts, including teams from Turkey, Italy, Hungary, Croatia, Bulgaria, and Poland, are collaborating in the effort. The complex rescue operation is expected to take several days and likely involves hoisting him to the surface on a stretcher through narrow passages that are being widened to facilitate the rescue.

Rescuers reached Dickey inside the cave Tuesday, providing blood and fluids, and were able to stabilize his condition; he can allegedly walk independently, but it remains unclear if he can climb out without assistance. See updates here.

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