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China Kindergarten Massacre

Photo by Charlie fong / Wiki Commons

Six people, including three children, are dead and one other injured after a man allegedly armed with a knife attacked a kindergarten in southeastern China's Guangdong province yesterday.

The 25-year-old suspect, identified as a man named Wu, was arrested in Lianjiang, a city of nearly 1.9 million people. Police have not yet identified an official motive; however, local media reports suggest the assailant may have been motivated by a vehicular incident involving his child outside the school—the other vehicle's driver is allegedly among the deceased.

The massacre is one of several similar incidents targeting schools—at least 17 knife attacks in schools have occurred in China since 2010—often involving knives or homemade explosives due to China's strict gun laws. Some experts have attributed the attacks to mental health issues, while others have suggested they could be driven by personal grudges stemming from broad social tensions.

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