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China Locks Down (Again)

China confirmed its first deaths from COVID-19 in six months, announcing new restrictions in its captial Beijing and locking down the southern city of Guangzhou. China reported just over 26,000 cases Monday, nearing its April peak, and has shut down many parks, businesses, and schools in hard-hit districts.

The wave of infections has prompted the country to reinstate some targeted zero-COVID policies after softening restrictions earlier this month. China is the only major country still trying to halt transmission through mass testing and lockdown measures. The adjustments come amid rare protests over the country’s COVID-19 policies.

The news brings China’s official COVID-19 death count to 5,231, though the actual number is likely much higher. Meanwhile, cases in the US are averaging around 42,000 per day (see data), with hospitalizations sitting just above 27,000 total patients.

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