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Clay County could receive an additional $8 million for new school project

Clay County Board of Commissioners

Press Release

$8 MILLION in additional grant funding from the Needs-Based Public School Capital Fund allocated in NC Fiscal Year (FY) 2022-2023 Budget. The NC House and Senate approved the FY budget for 2022-2023. The budget was forwarded today to Governor Cooper for his signature or veto. If he does not act on the budget, it will become law in 10 days.

Clay County would receive an additional $8M on top of the earlier $32M award for the Clay County Board of Education’s proposed new 3-8th Grade Intermediate School. Again, the state budget and this local appropriation is contingent upon the Governor’s signature or the Governor allowing it to become law without his signature. The Clay County BOCs want to thank Senator Kevin Corbin and Representative Karl Gillespie for making this allocation possible. We appreciate all their work in support of Clay County. We also want to thank the Clay County Board of Education and Superintendent Dale Cole for their efforts in lobbying for these funds.

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