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Clay County Fire And Rescue Meeting Update

On Monday, July 10, 2023, the Clay County Fire and Rescue held its monthly business meeting at Station 1 which started at 6:00 pm. Chief Brian Anderson called the meeting to order which was opened in prayer.

Chief Anderson opened the meeting discussing the ‘old’ business and asked for an update as to the actions undertaken by the Recruitment/Retention Committee (R/R). Joe Liguori advised that the R/R has completed the updated recruitment pamphlet which is now available for distribution.

Additionally, the Committee has had a banner made for use at public events and is in the early stages of developing a 1-page flyer. Lastly, the Committee has already successfully rolled out our first “Spotlight A Volunteer” through the assistance of The Clay County Progress and the CCFR Facebook page which was well received. Chief Anderson reported that the new department uniforms are nearing completion which could be used for the Spotlight photos.

Chief Anderson also mentioned he is currently reviewing insurance coverage for possible pension plans that could be offered to members after so many years of service. The selected coverage would still need to be presented to the Board of Directors.

Assistant Chief Chris Denton happily announced that (for the first-time ever) all fire stations are on the same key system and recommended members verify their key fob works at all stations as soon as possible and advise him of any issues found.

Regarding equipment, the Board has decided that this fall when the department’s boat is to be pulled out of the water, it will be sent to a Mercury Boat Service Company so it can receive whatever maintenance and/or service it may need before next spring. CCFR is working on assembling the pump and put tool boxes on Service 1 so it will be ready for use.

Sadly, the Chief reported that the well drilling company did not get the well drilled yet for the new Brasstown Station 14 and is now advising that it may be up to another 3 months before it gets done. So, plans for moving to the new station are currently on hold. But, he reported that the last of the cabinets have been installed and everything inside is pretty much complete. Additionally, the company that will be installing asphalt has already started prepping the lot and hopes to finish the asphalt next week. A volunteer will be painting the doors at the new station while 5 other volunteers will coordinate efforts for a cleanup at the new station.

Subsequently, Chief Anderson opened the meeting for ‘new’ business and reported that the 2023-2024 department budget has been approved by the CCFR Board. for their review and consideration.

Members have long complained about various areas within the county that have very poor reception for the radio system that we currently use. Communication is so vital in emergency situations. The department is currently working on potentially changing over to a “microwave” system. To accomplish this, it may be necessary for the department to buy a “repeater” but, doing this and reprograming our current radios is believed to be the solution to the poor reception we frequently encounter. Chief Anderson hopes to update us more on this at the next Business Meeting.

Lastly, we took some time to discuss a recent residential fire and all the things that we did very well on as well as anything noted that could be improved upon. The efforts by all members enabled us to keep the fire contained mostly to the garage and minimized damage to the rest of the residence. It was reported that 16 members/volunteers had responded to this fire and worked cohesively for a great outcome!

The meeting was then called to a close.

Clay County Fire & Rescue

Week of July 5 – July 11, 2023 Total calls = 22 Medical Assist Calls – 13 Motor Vehicle Accident – 3 False Alarm – 2 Citizen Assist, Assist Invalid – 2 Dispatched, Cancelled En Route – 1 Gas Leak - 1

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