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The Clay County GOP will once again host a fun evening at its annual Christmas Dinner and Party, Friday, December 9, 5:00PM-7:30PM, at the Hinton Rural Life Center Dining Hall. By tradition, our annual Christmas Dinner and Party serves in lieu of regular monthly meetings for November and December.

There are only 70 total tickets available (reflecting the Hinton Center's dining hall seating capacity), and there are some tickets still unsold if you are interested in attending. There will be two special presentations made at the event, one to outgoing Republican Sheriff Bobby Deese and our newly-created "Volunteer of the Year" Award. It is a great social gathering, with dinner and a fun “White Elephant” gift exchange! The White Elephant exchange is one of our most popular activities … a perfect chance to pass on that unwanted gift your daffy cousin or your mother-in-law gave you which you didn't think was quite as wonderful as they thought it was! We have had all manner of "gifts" show up for the White Elephant exchange, ranging from a vintage Hayesville High School lunchroom tray, to some really nice handmade items, and even a bottle or two of some folks favorite libations. Each guest should bring their gift wrapped or in a gift bag. When you arrive you will draw a number from the basket at the entry table…. this number will determine when you will be called to select a gift from under the tree. You will open your gift at the table in front of the fireplace and show it to everyone, then return with it to your seat. If yours is stolen, you get to choose another…or steal from someone else. Gifts may only be “stolen” twice. Linda Westergard has graciously agreed to be our “White Elephant Safari Leader once again! If you would like to purchase tickets, please call Barbara Deas at 678-644-5561. Tickets are $30.00 per person.

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