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Clay County Republicans Ready For July Meeting

Charles Dingee, a GOP Candidate for NC State Auditor, will highlight the meeting, as the Clay County Republican Party will host its regular monthly meeting on Thursday, July 20th, in the upstairs meeting room at the Clay County Community Services Building.

Dingee passed along the following comments as a preview of his talk:

" I pay my taxes and I’d like to know they are not being wasted. I’m becoming a new father for the first time any day now and, frankly, I am tired of wondering if my tax dollars are being spent on my child’s future or wasting away in some state agency. As the news developed about our current state auditor smashing a state-owned car into a parked car, fleeing the scene, and trying to be hidden from law enforcement by donors, I said "enough is enough!" I can't sit idly by when the person in charge of discovering misuse of state funds is one of the leading offenders!

North Carolina has been electing a State Auditor since 1868. If you are like me, you could not name one of them. It would probably surprise you that in the 155-year history of that office, we’ve only had 17 State Auditors. I don’t think this needs to be a position for decades. The one we have now has been there for 14 years. I think that’s enough.

We’ve only had one Republican in this office since 1877 and only for one term at that. In the last election, the Republican candidate raised a little over $5,000 and came within 1.7% of winning. If that candidate had started earlier, raised the needed funds to communicate statewide we probably could have avoided the car wreck – literally.

I know I can do better. I am putting some of my own money into this campaign to get things started so am not going to ask anyone to do something I am not willing to do myself, but I’ll need help.

If you are worried about election integrity; wonder why funds for Hurricane Relief victims has not been distributed for years; curious as to where the $5 billion the department of transportation receives goes as you hit a pot hold that jars your teeth, then you are like me. As your state auditor, I’ll send examiners to find out answers to all those questions and report them to you. It’s your money after all."

There will be light refreshments, snacks, and desserts served at 6:30 PM (attendees are encouraged to bring a covered dish, snack, or dessert to share), followed by the business meeting at 7:00 PM. The Clay County Community Services Building is located at 25 Riverside Circle, Hayesville, NC 28904. For additional information, call Barbara Deas at 678-644-5561.

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