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Columbia University Crackdown

Dozens of New York City police officers entered Columbia University's campus last night after student protesters overtook an administrative building earlier in the day. The students, who were arrested and led out of the building by police, are expected to face charges, including trespassing and criminal mischief. The development marks an escalation in campus tensions over the ongoing Israel-Hamas war.

A group of protesters at Columbia seized Hamilton Hall early Tuesday (see photos), breaking windows and symbolically renaming the building as "Hind's Hall" for a 6-year-old Palestinian girl killed in Gaza. The blockade at Hamilton Hall, which has a history of student takeovers, came a day after Columbia began suspending student protesters for ignoring an ultimatum to disband a two-week-long encampment. Officials also threatened to expel students blocking Hamilton Hall. The protesters' demands include the university divesting from companies with business ties to Israel—a shared demand across US campus demonstrations. 

Elsewhere, Portland State University closed its campus after student protesters broke into a school library, and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill canceled its classes. Arrests across universities continued; over 1,000 people have been arrested so far. See all updates here.

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