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CosMc's Enters the Universe

McDonald's will open its first CosMc's restaurant in Bolingbrook, Illinois, this month as part of a limited test of its small-format, drinks-focused spinoff.

The restaurant—inspired by the 1980s and 1990s alien character CosMc, who craved McDonald's food—taps into the nostalgia the company has stirred from recent marketing campaigns, including the Grimace Shake and the return of McNugget Buddies. Alongside familiar classics, like the Egg McMuffin and M&M's McFlurry, CosMc's will feature specialty lemonades, teas, cold coffee blends, and new options like s'mores cold brews, popping pear slushies, and a spicy queso sandwich. See the sample menu here.

McDonald's plans to open 10 CosMc's locations by the end of 2024 in an effort to compete with the likes of Starbucks and Dunkin'. The other nine locations will be based across the Dallas-Fort Worth and San Antonio metro areas. The news comes after the fast food giant announced this week plans to open nearly 10,000 new stores globally by 2027.

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