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Dartmouth Athletes Unionize

The Dartmouth men's basketball team voted to unionize yesterday, the latest step in challenging the long-standing amateur model of college sports. The 13-2 vote means the players will be allowed to negotiate on issues like compensation and working conditions, including practice hours. Dartmouth has until March 12 to file an objection to the union.

Last month, the National Labor Relations Board ruled the players are employees of the university after the varsity players submitted a petition in September to the NLRB requesting to unionize. Dartmouth filed motions last week to ask the NLRB office to reconsider its ruling.

The union vote comes amid a broader effort to cut back restrictions on compensation for student-athletes. The NCAA has historically barred college athletes from receiving compensation beyond scholarships (athletic scholarships are banned in the Ivy League) and some related costs of education. The NCAA proposed in December a new subdivision that would allow some schools to enter into name, image, and likeness deals directly with their students.

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