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David Nail Releases Emotional Music Video For “If I Could Call,” Honoring Legacy And Fatherhood

Today, country music artist David Nail unveiled a new music video for his latest single, “If I Could Call.” This heartfelt song draws from Nail’s personal experiences, particularly his close relationship with his late grandfather, whose profound influence continues to shape Nail’s perspective on life and parenting as a father of three. The video showcases Nail engaging in one of his favorite pastimes, baseball, with his son, Lawson, who is also referenced in the song. Through Nail’s emotive vocals and sincere storytelling, the performance resonates deeply, offering solace to those who have experienced loss and longing. Listen here: Watch the video here:

“The best part about this video and the thing that I’m most proud of is the fact that my son was in it. I feel like it’s so important to have these moments to be able to look back on. I feel like the kids are right at that age where they kind of realize what daddy has done for a living and what he continues to do. So just to be able to have that memory is super special to me and I’m just very thankful that not only was he in it, but that he cooperated and did what the directors asked.” Nail said.

If I could call Like I used toIf you were only just a phone call awayYea I would callJust to hear youYou always had a way of making everything okayI wouldn’t be here wide awakeIf I could call

David stopped by RFD-TV this morning to chat with Suzanne Alexander and delves into the intricacies of the songwriting process, recounts the moment his wife Cat met his grandfather for the first time and discusses the sentimental decision to name his son after him.

Watch here: Stay up to date with David and check out his tour dates here:

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