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  • Sheriff Mark Buchanan

Davies Faces Multiple Charges

Over the past few weeks five storage units at the Storage Wise complex, located at 414 Old Highway 64 West in Hayesville, were reported to have been broken into.

An investigation by the Clay County Sheriff’s Office found that items consistent with those stolen from these storage units had been posted for sale on the Facebook Market Place.

Christian Cade Davies, 19 years of age from Hayesville, was identified as having posted these items for sale. On 11/27/23 at 12:43 PM, Officers found Davies vehicle parked in an alley way of the Storage Wise complex. Soon after, Davies arrived and was confronted by

Officers. Davies admitted to breaking into the five storage units and stealing items from within them.

Davies was himself renting a storage unit there, was homeless, and apparently at times living within his rented unit. Davies allowed Officers inside of his storage unit and identified items present that he had stolen from the other five storage units. Approximately $8,000 of stolen property was located and secured. Approximately $10,000 of stolen property from the five storage units remains unaccounted for.

Davies was arrested without incident. Davies faces charges for 5 counts of Felony Breaking or Entering, 5 counts of Felony Larceny, and 5 counts of Felony Possession of Stolen Property. Davies was not given abond due to a prior pending charge for Felony Possession of Methamphetamine.


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