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Deluge in New York

Roughly 23 million Americans were under flood watches Saturday after heavy rains doused areas of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut throughout Friday. The National Weather Service reported the rains made New York's wettest September day since 1960.

Portions of the tri-state region saw totals of 7 inches of rain Friday, with some areas recording over 2 inches falling in just one hour (the monthly average is roughly 3.5 inches). The deluge overwhelmed drainage systems, leading to several feet of water on some expressways and streets. Much of New York City's subway system was suspended, as were its regional train systems and some airplane terminals. In Brooklyn, roughly 150 public schools closed amid the rising waters, while one school was forced to evacuate. See photos of the flood here and videos here.

Amid the day's floods, one sea lion resident of Central Park Zoo was able to briefly swim out of her exhibit.

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