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Disaster in Indonesia

At least 125 people were killed and hundreds more injured in a human stampede Saturday night after police used tear gas to disperse upset soccer fans in Malang, Indonesia, on the eastern side of the island of Java. Fans grew violent and rushed the field after Arema FC lost its first home game in 23 years, provoking police to respond with tear gas, a tactic prohibited by soccer's international governing body. Outside the stadium, five police cars were set ablaze. Police reportedly sprayed fans indiscriminately to dispel the rioters, leading to a fatal press toward the exits. Local observers noted the stadium was at 110% capacity with 4,000 excess tickets sold. Sunday, Indonesia's president ordered the nation's top soccer league suspended pending a review of security protocols. The disaster is the second-deadliest in modern soccer history after a 1964 stampede in Lima, Peru, which ended with 324 dead. Learn why stampedes are so deadly here.

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