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Discord Leaks Probe

The US Air Force announced disciplinary measures against 15 personnel yesterday, spanning ranks from staff sergeant to colonel, due to their failure to address questionable intelligence-related activities by accused leaker Jack Teixeira.

Teixeira, a member of the Massachusetts Air National Guard, is accused of leaking a wide range of highly classified military secrets to other Discord users—a gamer communication app—in the largest intelligence leak in years. He pleaded not guilty to willful retention and transmission of classified information in federal court in June. See background on the case here.

The report showed a lack of oversight by officials at Teixeira's base and found the individuals intentionally failed to report documented concerns about Teixeira's behavior before the leaks, allegedly allowing him to gather and share the information without detection. The report also showed his immediate superiors were unaware of his online distribution of the classified intelligence. The disciplinary actions range from relieving personnel from their positions, including command positions, to minor penalties.

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