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Drone Crash Footage Released

US officials released video yesterday showing the moments a Russian fighter jet engaged with a US drone over the Black Sea Tuesday, capturing the most direct interaction between the two countries since Russia invaded Ukraine last February.

The tape reveals two Russian Su-27 jets intercepting an uncrewed MQ-9 Reaper (watch here), a type of drone typically used by the US and allies to conduct high-altitude surveillance. One of the two jets performs a fuel dump, reportedly damaging the drone's propeller and forcing it to crash into the sea. Officials say the US routinely conducts reconnaissance in the international airspace above the Black Sea—an area the Kremlin has claimed now falls under its territory as part of its war in Ukraine.

In related news, Poland became the first NATO member to agree to transfer fighter jets—four Soviet-era MiG-29 planes—to Ukraine. See updates on the war here.

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