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Drone Identity Mix-Up

US officials said yesterday American air defenses failed to intercept a weekend drone strike in northeast Jordan that killed three US troops because the incoming drone was mistaken for an American one. A US drone had been scheduled to return to the military base, known as Tower 22, following a surveillance mission at the same time as the incoming hostile drone, a preliminary report found.

The Pentagon also identified the three slain soldiers and raised the number of wounded US troops to at least 47. Roughly 350 US military personnel were deployed at the base at the time. US officials believe Iran-backed militants are behind the Jordan strike; Iran denies being involved. At least 165 attacks on US troops—98 in Syria, 66 in Iraq, and one in Jordan—have occurred since the Israel-Hamas war began in October (see graphics). 

Separately, Israeli intelligence shared with the US claims that at least 12 UN workers had ties to Hamas' Oct. 7 attack and roughly 10% of its 13,000-person staff in Gaza had overall affiliations to militant groups.

See war updates here.

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