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Drone Strike in Jordan

At least three US troops were killed, and at least 25 other US personnel were wounded, after a drone strike hit a remote military post in northeast Jordan yesterday. Officials said the attack, the first in the Middle East to kill American forces since the Israel-Hamas war began in October, was carried out by unspecified Iran-backed militias. 

The strike occurred near al-Tanf, a base sitting a few miles from the Jordan-Syria-Iraq meeting point and lying along the Baghdad-Damascus highway (see overview). The base anchors a localized zone outside of Syrian government control, and has served as a launch point for coalition operations against ISIS in the region in recent years. 

In related news, negotiators are said to be closing in on a deal that would see a cease-fire in the Gaza Strip for up to two months in exchange for the release of more than 100 Hamas-held hostages. The majority of those released would be women, the elderly, and those needing medical care—an agreement to return the remaining hostages would be worked on within the first 30 days of the pause in fighting. 

Separately, the Biden administration is said to be considering slowing military aid to Israel in an effort to push the government to seek an end to the conflict.

See updates on the war here

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