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East Coast Storm

An intense storm system battered the northeast coast of the US yesterday with high winds, heavy rain, and flooding, leaving 59 million people from Virginia to Maine under flood watches and knocking out power for more than 700,000 people. At least four people were killed in the storm.

More than 500 flights were canceled across the region, particularly to and from airports in New York City and Boston, with Boston Logan International Airport seeing winds as high as 68 mph. The storm also dumped between 2 to 5 inches of rain across the Northeast. See photos from the storm here.

Yesterday's heavy rains are part of the same storm system that pummeled Florida and the Carolinas over the weekend, bringing record-setting rainfall in some areas. Charleston saw its fourth-highest tide on record at 9.86 feet and set a daily record Sunday with 3.86 inches of rain. 

Separately, remnants of a tropical cyclone brought 30 to 40 inches of rain to Australia's northeast coast, leading to crocodile sightings and submerging an airport. 

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