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Ebola Worries in Uganda

Global health officials warned yesterday that a strain of the Ebola virus currently spreading in Uganda poses a significant risk to both the general population and health workers in the country. At least 64 cases and 24 deaths have been confirmed since an outbreak was formally declared a month ago. It marks one of Africa's most significant bouts with the virus since a 2018-20 outbreak left almost 2,300 people dead in Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. A vaccine protecting against the Zaire ebolavirus—the strain behind the 2013-14 outbreak that killed more than 11,300 people—has been deployed, however, the formulation is ineffective against the current strain, Sudan ebolavirus. At least eight infections have been identified that cannot be linked to previous infected patients, suggesting the virus is spreading through communities undetected. Watch an overview of how Ebola infects cells and how it affects the body here.

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