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Egypt's Border Wall

Egypt appears to be building a fortified wall along its border with the Gaza Strip, according to newly analyzed satellite photos. The construction—which has not been publicly acknowledged by the Egyptian government—comes as Israel appears ready to advance into the city of Rafah, which sits directly across the border (see maps). 

Egypt has long signaled concern that Israeli operations would push huge numbers of Palestinians into the Sinai Peninsula, sparking a refugee crisis and permanently displacing residents from Gaza.    

In southern Gaza, aid groups said Nasser Hospital—the largest functioning hospital remaining in the territory—ran out of fuel yesterday. Israeli forces launched a raid into the facility late last week, arresting more than 100 people. Aid groups said four medical staff remain to treat about 200 patients.

In related news, the United Nations Security Council is expected to again consider a resolution calling for a cease-fire in Gaza tomorrow. The US is reportedly set to block the vote.

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