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Election Eve

Voters in the US head to the polls tomorrow, casting ballots in one of the most contested midterm elections in recent memory. Projections suggest momentum has shifted to Republicans in the closing weeks of campaigning. The GOP must flip a single seat in the Senate to retake the majority. Tight races include Georgia, Nevada, Arizona, and Pennsylvania, among others. Pennsylvania—which saw two former presidents join rallies over the weekend—is an open race to replace retiring Sen. Pat Toomey's (R) seat. Questions abound around the accuracy of current polling; see a comparison between current polls and their accuracy in 2020 here. In the House, analysts say Republicans appear poised to retake their first majority since 2018. With 218 seats needed to assume control, the GOP currently holds 212 seats and leads in a pair of elections for vacant seats. See a breakdown of toss-up districts here. Historically, the party that holds the White House averages a loss of 28 House seats and four Senate seats during midterm cycles (see data). Find your nearest polling location here.

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