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Elton's Swan Song

Legendary singer and musician Sir Elton John is scheduled to perform the last concert of his farewell tour tomorrow evening, taking the stage in the Swedish capital of Stockholm. The 76-year-old Brit has said he wants to spend more time with his husband and children.

Dubbed "Farewell Yellow Brick Road"—an homage to his similarly named 1973 album—the global series has become the all-time highest-grossing concert tour, bringing in close to $925M. John, who has grossed just under $2B on tour during his six-decade career, also holds the solo artist record for most tickets sold, at more than 20 million (the current tour has surpassed 5.7 million across more than 330 shows). His swan song began in 2018 but was paused during the pandemic.

Among his personal and professional accolades, John was knighted by Queen Elizabeth, had seven consecutive albums reach No. 1 on music charts, and won five Grammys. See his career in photos here.

(Photo by Ernst Vikne / Wiki Commons: License)

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