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Eurovision Kicks Off

The 68th Eurovision Song Contest begins today from Sweden, with the country hosting for its seventh time (Peacock, 3 pm ET). The competition is the world’s most-watched annual music event with roughly 160 million viewers and features 37 acts, all of whom are European except Australia and Israel.

The format includes two semifinals followed by a grand finale. The 26 finalists, selected through a combination of a public vote and expert picks, include 10 winners from each semifinal, the previous year’s winner, and contestants from the UK, France, Germany, Spain, and Italy. This year sees the comeback of Luxembourg after a 30-year hiatus, along with a record number of native language entries. The contest, which labels itself as a nonpolitical event, comes amid heightened security, with protests planned due to Israel's participation.

Eurovision, known for featuring extravagant costumes, has launched the careers of many icons, including ABBA and Céline Dion. See all 37 songs featured in this year's contest here.

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