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Evacuations in Gaza

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said yesterday the country's military operations were focused on completely dismantling Hamas, signaling Israel is planning to mount a full-scale invasion of the Gaza Strip. The comments come a week after an invasion and subsequent brutal attack by Hamas against unsuspecting civilians in southern Israel (see previous write-up).

Hundreds of thousands of troops have amassed at the border with Gaza, while Israel urged residents in northern Gaza to evacuate southward. Analysts say the operation is expected to begin in northern Gaza, focusing on a network of underground tunnels used by Hamas.

International officials continued to warn of an impending humanitarian crisis—particularly at hospitals and shelters—following a full blockade by Israel of goods entering Gaza. Israel has argued the blockade is necessary to push Hamas to release more than 100 hostages taken during the initial attack.

As of this writing, the combined death toll has passed 4,000 civilians, including at least 1,400 Israelis and more than 2,600 Palestinians. Close to 30 Americans are believed to be among those killed.

Separately, the US sent a second aircraft carrier, the USS Eisenhower, to the Eastern Mediterranean in hopes of deterring the escalation of a broader regional conflict. See a breakdown of the US-supplied military hardware used by Israel here.

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