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FCC Calls for TikTok Ban

A member of the Federal Communications Commission called on the US government to ban TikTok yesterday over concerns the app exposes private American data to Chinese interests. The video-centric TikTok, which has been downloaded more than 200 million times in the US, is owned by Shanghai-based ByteDance and has been in negotiations with the federal government over a security deal. Brendan Carr, one of four current FCC commissioners, asked both Apple and Google to remove the app from their stores in June after leaked audio tapes at TikTok showed private US data were accessed numerous times from China. Although the FCC can't regulate TikTok directly, its remarks historically have sway in Congress, including last year's ban on Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei. A similar call to ban TikTok came in 2020 from then-President Donald Trump, ultimately fizzling after he left office. See what data TikTok collects here.

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