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Feds Probe Santos

Federal officials have opened a probe into the finances, including campaign financial disclosures, of Rep.-elect George Santos (R, NY-3). Santos won the redrawn, but traditionally Democratic, New York district in November but has faced allegations he fabricated or exaggerated many parts of his resume and personal history. Santos, also being investigated by county officials, unsuccessfully ran for the seat in 2020.

Initial reports accused Santos of false claims regarding his educational history, his employment with top Wall Street firms, being Jewish, and more. Santos has since admitted to allegations (watch here), referring to them as mistakes but saying he would not step down. Santos' 2020 campaign disclosure forms listed no major assets, while his 2022 forms reported a net worth of up to $11.5M. Legal experts noted falsifying federal forms carries a maximum penalty of five years in prison.

Barring new revelations or his resignation, Santos is expected to be sworn in to the new Congress Jan. 3. Any future expulsion would require approval by two-thirds of the House.

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