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Feds Raid Bolsonaros

Federal police in Brazil conducted raids of homes and offices belonging to former President Jair Bolsonaro and his son, Carlos, yesterday, amid allegations the former leader's administration spied on political enemies using high-tech intelligence software. The news follows similar raids last week of Bolsonaro's former top intelligence official Alexandre Ramagem, who is alleged to have run the clandestine espionage program.

The search warrants mainly targeted 41-year-old Carlos, a close confidant of the former president who is currently a city lawmaker in Rio de Janeiro. Police allege Ramagem, Carlos, and others illegally utilized FirstMile, an Israeli-made software purchased in 2018, to track communications devices of Bolsanaro's political opponents—including judges, journalists, and politicians—roughly 30,000 times. Bolsonaro and Ramagem have denied the accusations.

The investigations come six months after a panel of judges banned the former president from running for office until 2030 for casting doubt on the country's electoral process. 

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