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Fighting Reaches Gaza Hospitals

Two major hospitals in Gaza City lost power and stopped accepting new patients yesterday, as fighting between Israel Defense Forces and Hamas militants intensified near the buildings. Around 1,500 patients remain at al-Shifa hospital, according to the Health Ministry in Gaza, including dozens of newborns in neonatal intensive care (Israel has reportedly offered to evacuate the babies).

Multiple international organizations called for a humanitarian cease-fire near the buildings. Israel has accused Hamas of intentionally placing command centers under and near the hospitals and other humanitarian infrastructure.

Separately, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu shed some light on the country's postwar plans Saturday, saying Gaza would be completely demilitarized when fighting eventually ends, with Israel entering at will to conduct security operations. He also rejected the idea the Palestinian Authority, which administers the nearby West Bank, could assume government oversight in Gaza.

Israeli officials have also said they do not want a long-term occupation of Gaza. It remains unclear who may ultimately oversee the territory of 2.3 million Palestinians aside from Israel, the Palestinian Authority, or Hamas.

See an updated map of the battle in northern Gaza here.

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